About us

Brave people

Brewery De 7 Deugden (The 7 virtues) work for people with disabilities. People who do not get to work anywhere else. They do not come to us because of their shiny resumé, no, in fact these people say:”I am empty-handed, give me a chance”. It requires courage to put yourself in such a vulnerable position.

At De 7 Deugden, we do not ask what people lack, but what they can do. We often discover in the course of time where their strength lies.

With De 7 Deugden, we do not ask what people can’t do, but what they can do. In course of time we often discover  what their strength are. In this process of searching and discovering our people are also rising to their limits. They are constantly confronted with their limitations, and allthough painful they keep going. It takes courage to go through this proces.

Brave beer

We call our beer brave because it is different. We don’t bother with fashion fads, habits or beer style regulations. We make beer that has taste, a lot of taste. We make beer that you wont’t easily forget. We make beer that you combine with a good meal or delicious cheeses. You can call us contrary, call the beer “particular” or “different” and when you like our beers then call yourself curious, sensualist, or even better brave.